Kingdom Valley Lahore Payment Plan 2024

Kingdom Valley Lahore Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Lahore is waterfront housing project. Offering a soothing and scenic living experience like no other. It stands out as an example of simplicity and affordability within the city’s bustling landscape. giving prospective homeowners the opportunity to achieve their desire to own a house without the burden of financial responsibility usually associated with these endeavors. The core of our proposition is a well-crafted 3 year payment plan that is designed to make it easier to homeownership. Kingdom Valley Lahore Payment Plan not only demonstrates our commitment to provide flexible solutions for financial planning. But is also a testament to our commitment to make your dream home become a reality.

Beginning your journey towards the home of your dreams by joining Kingdom Valley Lahore begins with simple and easy payment for the booking. Then followed by the opportunity for spreading out the remaining balance in bi-annual or monthly installments. This allows our customers can easily be able to align their financial plans with their dreams of homeownership. We take pride in offering an array of housing homes. All of which are available in a variety of sizes and cost points to meet the various requirements and preferences of our neighborhood.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Lahore Payment Plan

Flexible Payment Plans Over 3.5 Years

Understanding the diverse financial capabilities of potential homeowners. Kingdom Valley Lahore presents an attractive 3.5-year payment plan that simplifies the journey towards owning your dream home. Here’s a breakdown of the payment structures for various plot sizes, tailored to accommodate your budget:

3.5 Marla Plot

The total price is set at PKR 2,000,000. Begin with a down payment of PKR 200,000 followed by 35 monthly installments of PKR 15,600 each. After a confirmation payment of PKR 140,000 at balloting and semi-annual payments of PKR 200,000.

5 Marla Plot

For a total price of PKR 3,000,000, the plan includes a down payment of PKR 300,000. This is followed by 35 monthly installments of PKR 25,172. With a confirmation installment of PKR 210,000 at balloting and semi-annual payments totaling PKR 300,000.

7 Marla Plot

Priced at PKR 4,200,000, this option starts with a down payment of PKR 420,000. Plus 35 monthly installments of PKR 33,600. A confirmation installment of PKR 294,000 is required at balloting, alongside semi-annual installments of PKR 420,000.

10 Marla Plot

With a total cost of PKR 5,500,000, initiate your purchase with a PKR 550,000 down payment. Followed by PKR 47,125 monthly for 35 months. A balloting confirmation payment of PKR 385,000, and semi-annual contributions of PKR 550,000.

1 Kanal Plot

For those desiring more space, the 1 Kanal plot at PKR 11,000,000 offers an initial down payment of PKR 1,100,000. 35 monthly installments of PKR 83,250. A confirmation payment of PKR 770,000 at balloting, and semi-annual installments of PKR 1,100,000.

Why Choose Kingdom Valley Lahore?

Kingdom Valley Lahore is not just about premium plots. It is about building a community that values quality of life by integrating natural landscapes with modern living. The project ensures that all residents have access to world-class amenities in a setting that prioritizes sustainability and luxury. Whether you are a new family seeking a nurturing environment or an investor looking for valuable propositions. Kingdom Valley Lahore stands as a beacon of exceptional living and promising returns. Embrace a lifestyle where nature and modernity converge beautifully in your new home at Kingdom Valley Lahore.

In Kingdom Valley Lahore, securing your property is more than just an acquisition. It’s the initial step toward the construction of the home you’ve always wanted. We create the payment plan we offer to ensure the entire process. Beginning with the first down payment until balloting sum, is easy and financially accessible. When you choose Kingdom Valley Lahore it’s not only investing in property. It’s investing for your long-term future and in a location you’ll feel proud to be able to call your home.